Product authenticity, fraud and crisis management

MVO stands for a safe and transparant chain. Food and feed safety have our highest priority. MVO stands for an active approach towards fraud prevention and actively participates with other partners in projects on screening authenticity. A MVO incident and crisis manual is available to handle fraud situations or when food or feed safety is at stake in the oils and fats industry.

In he past some cases have been reported on contaminations in oils and fats. Some of them were fraud related. Fraud cases are usually driven by economic motives, but food safety can also be compromised. Recently, the EU and also the Dutch Food Safety Authority have indicated that they want to focus more on authenticity. Various food safety schemes have included requirements regarding fraud prevention.

MVO and a number of MVO members participate in a public/private (PPS) cooperation project on fraud prevention together with Wageningen Food Safety Research: Rapid on-site screening of oils and fats for authenticity. 

Notifying suspect of fraud was included in the MVO incident and crisis manual. The MVO Incident / Crisis Team meets when a situation arises that could harm the sector in the broadest sense of the word. The Incident / Crisis Team consists of representatives from parts of the chain. 

Here we publish the MVO Incident an Crisis manual, and explain the goal of the PPS project on Rapid on-site screening of oils and fats for authenticity.

Last modified: September 28, 2020 10:10