MVO/FEDIOL and MVO/EFISC-GTP risk analysis (vegetable oils and fats)

The food and feed that companies deliver should be safe to the humans and animals consuming such food and feed (Regulation 178/2002/EC). To accomplish this, companies are to apply hygiene provisions in the area of facilities and equipment, personnel, production, quality control, storage and transport and record keeping and they are to set up a system based on HACCP principles (Regulation 852/2004/EC and 183/2005/EC).

To support companies in implementing these rules, FEDIOL has conducted food and feed safety chain risk analyses for the following crops:

  • soybean
  • rape seed
  • sunflower seed
  • palm fruit and palm kernel
  • coconut

FEDIOL represents the interests of the European seed and bean crushers, meals producers, vegetable oils and fats producers/processors. The risk analyses can been found on the FEDIOL website. These risk analyses list the safety hazards that may occur throughout the production chains, from crop cultivation up to the delivery of the feed material to the food or feed industry.

MVO has been one of the leading forces behind the FEDIOL project on risk analyses.

The risk analyses indicate the level of risk that each hazard will pose to food or feed safety and whether that is to be controlled by a measure as part of a prerequisite programme (PRP) or by a critical control point (CCP). The risk analyses list applicable legal and trade limits and they formulate necessary measures that need to be taken to reduce the hazards to acceptable levels.

Companies producing food and feed from the above crops, should check whether their own PRPs and CCPs provide for the minimum amount of control as indicated by the FEDIOL risk analyses. The company should motivate any deviations. In this way, the FEDIOL risk analyses offer a tool to oilseed crushing and oil refining companies for evaluation of their own food and feed safety management system. On top of that, they support these companies in their dialogue with their customers, suppliers and other stakeholders on safety control in the supply chain.

By conducting the risk analyses, FEDIOL anticipated the wish of the legislator that sectors should help their companies implementing legal safety rules (Regulation 852/2004/EC and 183/2005/EC). This is further worked out in the European Code to good practice for the industrial manufacture of safe feed materials. See the EFISC website for details.

Last modified: October 15, 2020 14:15