December 19, 2019

Letter to the Parliament about the Action Plan Food Labeling

On December 18th 2019 a letter was sent to the Parliament by Bruno Bruins, Minister for Medical Care about the actions taken for the improvement of food labeling. In this letter the minister presents the ACTIEPLAN 2020, based on an evaluation of the Action Plan that dates from 2016. FNLI, CBL, NVWA and the Dutch Nutrition Centre have now put together a new action plan. In this new plan actions are presented for the coming years. The plan contains three main lines of actions: education and innovation in the information provision; clear and unambiquous regulations; and compliance and enforcement. By the end of 2020 the Parliament will be informed again.

Some highlights out of the letter and out of the Action plan on Food Labeling:


  • The 'Kies gezond'- app is the app for consumers to find out about labeling information on foods. The number of downloads is now 300.000 and is still growing. The number of food products that can be scanned is now 100.000. 
  • In the coming year work will be done to adapt the Nutri Score algoritm. The Nutri Score logo is a nutrition claim. It will be notified in 2021. Meanwhile in 2020 a report from the European Commision is expected about Nutrition Profiles. These are profiles to determine whether a product is allowed to carry a nutrition or health claim or not. According to the minister the Netherlands is urging the Commission to proceed in the process of appointing Nutrition Profiles already for years. 
  • Furthermore in the coming years there will be efforts to come to a clear interpretation of terms such as 'ambachtelijk', 'natuurlijk', and (misleading) images on products.
  • A webfile containing interpretation on food labeling regulations will be published on the NVWA website early in 2020.
  • A campaign will be launched that draws the consumers attention to the 'Kies gezond'- app, and to understanding the food labeling in general. Health professionals will be involved in this campaign. Another campaign will be launched in 2020 by the minister of LNV about the interpretation of notifications for shelf life on the label, such as 'THT'.  
  • About Country of Origin Labeling: in the past years, the mandatory labeling for meatproducts has in some countries been extended to mandatory labeling of dairy products and products that contain meat ingredients. the Netherlands does not advocate such national measurements. The minister expects the renewal of the European discussions on mandatory labeling. The Netherlands is of the opinion that the consumer need for more information should outweigh the administrative burden for companies before deciding in this direction.


Click here for the letter to the Parliament and the ActionPlan 2020

Last modified: December 20, 2019