Legislation and standards

The applicable legislation for MVO companies in the area of quality and safety has mainly been laid down at European level. In case of an EU Regulation all provisions have direct enforcement in all the EU member states. An EU Directive must be implemented in National Law (like the Dutch “Warenwet”) to become effective.

Companies can consult MVO regarding legislation in the field of quality and safety concerning vegetable and animal oils and fats or products thereof. In this part of the website you will find an overview of the most relevant legislation regarding general food law, contaminants, pesticides, animal fats, transport and packaging, hygiene and control. In addition, information on global applicable (Codex) rules concerning the abovementioned topics has also been added.

MVO has a seat in many consultative bodies on future legislation concerning abovementioned topics and tries to contribute to the realisation of legislation that does not lead to insurmountable objectives for the oils and fat sector in daily practice.

MVO is working closely together with the national (Vernof and VVS) and European branch organisations (FEDIOL and EFPRA) in advocating MVO companies regarding upcoming legislation.



Last modified: September 22, 2020 09:23