India launches Sustainable Palm Oil Coalition

The coalition has been initiated primarily to drive demand towards sustainable palm oil in India. The collaborate platform will consist of consumer goods manufacturers, retailers, financial institutions, associations, civil society organisations, and palm oil traders and producers committed to increasing the use of sustainable palm oil and its derivatives in the Indian market. The India-SPOC is the result of a collaborative effort between Centre for Responsible Business (CRB), World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and Rainforest Alliance (RA). 

MVO welcomes the establishment of the India-SPOC. India is the largest importer of palm oil and can be an important driver to increase the global uptake of certified sustainable palm oil. The establishment is in line with the creation of other alliances such as the China Sustainable Palm Oil Alliance earlier this year and the Southeast Asia Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil in 2016. MVO will follow the activities of these alliances and make sure there is linking and learing with the already existing European alliances for sustainable palm oil.

Fore more information on the India-SPOC read here.


Last modified: 17 October 2018