GMP+ FSA is a certification scheme on feed safety for the feed industry. Certified companies demonstrate that they meet all requirements and conditions for the assurance of feed safety. FSA stands for Feed Safety Assurance. In the GMP+ FSA scheme, some annexes in the normative B section are specific for the oils and fats industry. These are GMP+ BA documents.

The specific annexes include GMP+ BA10 Annex 7 (Gatekeeper Palm oil protocol), BA7 (Specific requirements for byproducts from the oil &fat industry, BA4 chapter 2.2 (Specific requirement for monitoring of fats and oils as regards dioxin and dioxin like PCB’s)

GMP+ BA10: ANNEX 7: Gatekeeper protocol for purchase of GMQ Palm Oil

The Palm Oil Gatekeeper Protocol can be used for buying normal, main stream, Good Merchantable Quality Crude, Refined and/or Fractionated Palm Oil and Palm kernel Oil, from a non-GMP+ certified origin. In Annex 7 of GMP+ BA10 Minimum requirements for purchasing the Gatekeeper Palm oil protocol can be found. 


GMP+ BA7: Specific requirements for byproducts from the Oil & Fat Industry

This appendix provides specific requirements for a number of by-products from the oil & fat industry. Compliance with these requirements aims to increase the feed safety of these by-products, when processing for the purpose of feed.These requirements are defined together with our partners, other European feed safety schemes and with the oil and fat industry. The GMP+ BA7 document can be found here.


GMP+ BA4 2.2: Specific requirements for monitoring of fats and oils as regards dioxin and dioxin like PCB’s

Chapter 2.2 in GMP+ BA4 provides specific requirements for monitoring the levels of dioxin and dioxin-like PCB’s in oil and fat products, which

  • originate from the processing of oil seed, oil refining, animal fat processing and/or fat blending, and;
  • are used in feed, and
  • are produced, traded, stored, transported or used by GMP+ certified companies.

Furthermore, these requirements also apply to imported oils & fats, directly sold to the feed industry, and to products used in the internal flows. These requirements are meant to be integrated in the monitoring plan, which a GMP+ certified company is required to implement and to carry out.

The requirements for monitoring oils and fats regarding dioxins and dioxin like PCBs can be found in chapter 2.2. of GMP+ BA4

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