12 December 2017

Registration now open for Food & Feed Safety Course.

Just recently we notified you about the new courses that have been developed within MVO Academy. Now we are pleased to present you the new and adjusted Food & Feed Safety course.

Already for many years MVO offers the Food & Feed Safety course. A course that is and has been successful for many years. We will continue this course in a new refreshed set-up. The course contains less basic knowledge but is more focussed on food and feed safety aspects.

This course will together with the two new courses 'Basics of Oils and Fats'  and 'Sustainable Sourcing of Oils and Fats' offer a broad overview of what matters within the oils and fats industry. These three courses are now open for registration.  


MVO Academy aims to spread knowledge about oils and fats and the oils and fats sector. The MVO Academy is set up by and for our the sector companies, thus improving both internal and external knowledge. Meanwhile also other related companies and and (educational) institutions are welcome to follow the MVO Academy courses.


Direct links to the three courses:

Basics of oils and fats

Sustainable sourcing of oils and fats

Food & Feed Safety of oils and fats



Last modified: 12 December 2017