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  1. 3 September 2020

    Different initiatives announced to promote sustainability in Colombia’s palm oil sector

    This week, the Dutch Embassy in Colombia, IDH, Solidaridad Network and other stakeholders announced different projects that aim to promote sustainability and circular economy practices in the Colombian palm oil sector.
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  2. MVO: support and criticism for SER sustainability framework for biomass

    Biomass is an important resource for making the energy supply more sustainable. However, there is a lot of debate about how sustainable it really is. The Dutch government therefore wants to have a framework developed for sustainable biomass, and the Social and Economic Council of The Netherlands (SER) issued an advice on this on 8 July 2020. MVO made the following points during the process of drawing up the advice.
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  3. MVO in support of regulatory measures to get to deforestation free supply chains

    This week, MVO published a position paper in in response to the European Commission’s communication, ‘Stepping up EU Action to Protect and Restore the World’s Forests’.
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  4. Foodvalley award: Shaping the Future of Food

    Foodvalley NL will highlight frontrunners in The Netherlands, Foodvalley Champions, who make a substantial contribution to a future-proof food system. Registration for participation is now opened.
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  5. 16 December 2019

    Researchers develop asphalt with soybean oil

    Iowa State University engineering professors have developed an asphalt paving material that contains soybean oil. The substance is more environmentally friendly than traditional asphalt and costs less, according to researchers.
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  6. 27 November 2019

    Questions related to Amazon answered by minister

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  7. 12 November 2019

    Palm oil and next steps towards sustainability

    Last week the RSPO had its 16th General assembly and 17th Round Table meeting in Bangkok. Clearly, progress has been made over the last years and the volume of certified palm oil has increased. From the discussions it is also clear that much more needs to be done.
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  8. EU to discuss duties Indonesian biodiesel in TDC 13 Nov

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