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  1. Biodiesel most sustainable fuel

    Biofuels in the Netherlands are very sustainable. This appears from the annual report of the Netherlands Emissions Authority (NEa). The biodiesel we use in the Netherlands is mainly made from used cooking oil. The emission factor of biodiesel is the lowest of all the energy sources. Biodiesel thus performs significantly better than biogas and bio-ethanol, for example, but also better than electricity.
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  2. 3 July 2018

    2017 record year for oils and fats industry

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  3. Last call for registration MVO Course Food & Feed Safety

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  4. 26 March 2018

    Course 'Basics of Oils and Fats' fully booked

    The new course for basics about oils and fats offered by MVO Academy, is now fully booked. Interested persons in a course about oils and fats can still look into the other courses of the MVO Academy programm such as the course 'Food & Feed Safety of Oils and Fats ' or the course 'Sustainability of Oils and Fats'.
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  5. 19 January 2018

    Importance of oils and fats for the Dutch economy increased

    The Dutch import and export of oils, fats and oilseeds grew strongly in 2017. With more than 8 billion euros the export of oils and fats (5 billion euros) and oilseeds (3.1 billion euros) is in the top of the most important product groups for the Dutch export of agricultural goods. The significance of the sector has also increased with the import of agricultural goods. With 5.5 billion euros of oils and fats and 3.9 billion euros of oilseeds, both imports and exports reached a record high in 2017.
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  6. 12 December 2017

    Registration now open for Food & Feed Safety Course.

    Just recently we notified you about the new courses that have been developed within MVO Academy. Now we are pleased to present you the new and adjusted Food & Feed Safety course.
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  7. 15 November 2017

    New courses MVO Academy open for registration

    Under the header MVO Academy, MVO organises various courses, workshops and guest lectures concerning oils and fats. For example, a course on food safety is provided each year. We provide guest lectures about the sector and about a wide variety of different aspects of oils and fats at universities. In addition, there is a Digital MVO Knowledge Centre and there is the possibility for an in company training.
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