MVO notifying requirements on pesticide residues and processing factors

The MVO notifying requirements on pesticide residues provide guidelines regarding notifying exceedances of maximum residue levels of pesticides in vegetable oils (including products derived therof and byproducts) for food or feed application to the competent authorities. This document has been developed in consultation with and approved by the Netherlands Food and Product Consumer Safety Authority (NVWA).

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The document needed an update due to some developments in 2018, Footnote 1 of Annex I to Regulation No 396/2005 was adjusted and in addition, a FEDIOL study shedded new light on the log Pow concept of fat solubility of pesticides. The update was prepared in consultation with the NVWA as well as the MVO Working Group Food & Feed Safety.


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Last modified: October 15, 2020 14:19