About us

MVO represents 95% of companies in the Netherlands that are active in the trade and production of oils and fats. MVO stands for a safe, transparent, sustainable, responsible and innovative sector.

The priorities of our industry are:


Great economic significance
With an import value of 9.4 billion euros and an export value of more than 8 billion euros (2017), the oils and fat industry is one of the largest agricultural sectors in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is the largest processor of oilseeds in Europe after Germany and Spain and is one of the leading producers in Europe of refined and further processed vegetable oils and fats.

Broad and modern chain
The companies that are included in the chain are: the traders in oilseeds, oils and fats; the processors of oilseeds; the producers of rendered animal fat; companies that refine and further process oils and fats; the fat compounders; storage companies and specialized transport companies; and the companies that process oils and fats in foodstuffs, animal feed, oleochemicals, biofuels or other biobased products.

The chain also includes companies that provide services such as laboratories, surveyors, knowledge institutes and consultancy firms.

MVO promotes interests that affect the entire chain and are not inconsistent with partial interests. MVO has a spokesperson function, offers services for members, and has a platform function.

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