MVO Academy

MVO academy organises various courses, workshops and guest lectures about oils and fats specificly in the supply chain. In addition, there is a digital MVO knowledge centre. MVO Academy aims to spread knowledge within and outside the Oils and Fats sector. The Academy is an initiative of MVO - the Netherlands Oils and Fats Industry.


Three courses in 2018

In 2018 three new courses will start. All courses  are developped by experts from the supply chain and related stakeholders.

The courses for which registration is now possible:


Registration is possible for the following courses:

  • 'Course Basics of Oils and Fats'
  • 'Course Sustainable Sourcing of Oils and Fats'
  • 'Course Food & Feed Safety of Oils and Fats'


Part of the programme are also:

  • Guest lectures about oils and fats 
  • In company trainingen
  • Digital Knowledge centre