MVO Academy

Under the header MVO Academy, MVO organises various courses, workshops and guest lectures concerning oils and fats. For example, a 3-day English course on food safety is provided each year. We provide guest lectures about the sector and about a wide variety of different aspects of oils and fats. In addition, there is a Digital MVO Knowledge Centre for the employees of our member companies.



Course agenda: 

17, 18, 24, 25 april 2018 Course Basics of Oils and Fats Open for regsitration
12, 13, 14 juni 2018 Course Food and Feed Safety of Oils and Fats Open for registration
26 juni 2018 Course Sustainable Sourcing of Oils and Fats Open for registration
september 2018 Guest colleges Inholland University  

The MVO Academy will be expanding its course programme in order to strengthen the knowledge about oils and fats within and outside the chain. The programme is developed for and by the sector. Work was recently started on developing a basic course and a Sustainable Development course. Furthermore, the Digital Knowledge Centre will also be updated as part of this programme. In addition, the Academy will also be enhancing the knowledge of oils and fats among students enrolled in relevant training and education programmes. 

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Last modified: December 13, 2017 17:01