Animal products and live animals cannot be exported without safety guarantees, from an animal health, as well as a food safety perspective, issued by the Dutch government. The economic success of the business community is therefore highly dependent on the efforts of government and the success achieved on the basis of these efforts.

The conditions under which import countries accept Dutch animals and products is determined in a process involving analysis, negotiation and agreement formulation. This is the responsibility of the Veterinary Export Barriers Strategy Group (VEX). This is a consultative body involving the organised business community, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA). MVO is represented on the VEX.

In March 2015, VEX published a flowchart intended to clarify the market access process for animals and animal products, such as fats and proteins.

This concerns the desire of companies to export to third countries and the import criteria of these countries. These criteria are often set out in a binding or application certificate. As indicated, this process involves collaboration between government (Ministry of Economic Affairs and NVWA) and the business community.

Last modified: October 19, 2020 15:53