26 March 2018

Course 'Basics of Oils and Fats' fully booked

The new course for basics about oils and fats offered by MVO Academy, is now fully booked. Interested persons in a course about oils and fats can still look into the other courses of the MVO Academy programm such as the course 'Food & Feed Safety of Oils and Fats ' or the course 'Sustainability of Oils and Fats'.

The course about basics forms an ideal starting point for a carreer within the oils and fats sector, or a way of broadening your views. Experts from within the sector will inform the participants about important issues and trends within the oils and fats industry. For the participants the course is an opportunity to extend their network. Excursions and a practical workshop give more insights in what matters in reality. 

The course is on a University level and is open to new employees or experienced employees in a particular field. The course is a cooperation with the HAS University Den Bosch. The basic knowledge is a good preparation for other courses of MVO Academy such as the course 'Food & Feed Safety of Oils and Fats' and the course 'Sustainability of Oils and Fats'.  These two courses still have places avalailable at the moment.


Last modified: 26 March 2018