Course Basics of Oils and Fats With the participation of HAS University

This 4 day course on 2, 3, 16 and 17 April 2019 updates you on all the relevant aspects of the oils and fats supply chain. The course deals with production, processing, chemistry and applications. It also highlights the important nutritional aspects, food safety elements and sustainability aspects. The broad overview offered by this course provides an excellent basis for the more detailed courses that MVO Academy offers.

At the end of the course, you will have relevant knowledge about oils and fats, the supply chain, the crops and where they are grown. You will know about the different stages that the oils and fats go through in the supply chain. Furthermore you will have experienced the differences between particular oils and fats and their functionality. This will give you more insight into how current developments related to oils and fats could impact your daily business. Furthermore you will be able to integrate the learnings into your own work.

Course leader and keynote speakers
The course leader is Gerrit van Duijn. Gerrit has a PhD in Applied Physics from the Delft University of Technology. He worked for Unilever where he was responsible for technical support in edible oil processing and oil refining. He also worked for Maas Refinery as general manager. Gerrit retired in January 2014 and is still active as a consultant. Gerrit van Duijn is chair of the Benelux Lipid Network and honourable member of the European Federation of Lipid Science and Technology. 

Keynote speaker is Leendert Wesdorp. Leendert Wesdorp has a long standing experience and expertise in food science, food process technology and food applications. He obtained a PhD on oils and fats crystallization at the department of Chemical Engineering of Delft University of Technology. Leendert has worked in various R&D positions at Unilever. His last job was vice president R&D dressings, baking, cooking products & spreads. Since 2016 Leendert has worked as advisor on food technology and R&D strategy to various companies. 

Keynote speaker from HAS University is Annet Roodenburg. Annet has a PhD from Wageningen University & Research and is now a lecturer in Health and Nutrition and responsible for the knowledge development in
this field at HAS University.


Day 1, 2 April (8:30 – 21:30)

• Sector introduction
• Basics chemistry and physics
• Natural sources and supply chains
• Visit oil mill
• Dinner

Day 2, 3 April (8:30 – 18:00)
• Oil refining and modification
• Oil storage, handling and transport
• Analysis of oils and fats

Day 3, 16 April (8:00 – 21:30)
• Functionality of oils and fats
• Food applications
• DIY practical workshop
• Dinner

Day 4, 17 April (8:00 – 17:00)
• Nutritional aspects of oils and fats
• Case study
• Feed applications
• Oleochemical applications
• Energy applications

Nice extras
The course includes a practical workshop, using different types of oils and oil products. A visit to an oil mill will also be included.

The course is open to all employees from companies in the oils and fats industry and related companies in the fields of food, feed, oleochemics and energy. Participants may be new employees to the job or experienced workers wanting a more integrated insight into the supply chain. Interested employees may be from the processing-, sales-, marketing-, research and product development-, public affairs-, policy advice departments, etc. Furthermore the course will be interesting for employees from certification bodies, sector associations, consultancy organisations or (non-) governmental organisations. 

The course is at BSc level; basic knowledge is not required. The language of the course will be English. Participants will receive a certificate on successfully completing the course. 

Fee and Registration
The course fee is € 1475 (ex VAT) for MVO member companies and € 1995 (ex VAT) for non-MVO member companies. The fee covers lectures, course materials, plant visit, workshop, certificate, drinks, lunches, snacks and two dinners. Registration is limited to 30 people. You can register by filling in this registration form.

On 2 and 3 April the course is at the Inntel Hotel Zaandam - Amsterdam. Hotel rooms are limited availaible for the special rate of € 156 (incl VAT) per night, including breakfast.
On 16 and 17 April the course is at Van der Valk Hotel, ‘s-Hertogenbosch - Vught, Hotel rooms are limited available for the special rate of € 116 (incl VAT) per night, including breakfast

For more information, please contact MVO Academy by e-mail or by phone: +31 79 363 43 50.

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