'Recycle Frying Fat!' Campaign

MVO is actively promoting the recycling of frying fat. Much of the spent frying fat is flushed down the drain into the sewer system, or thrown out as part of the residual waste, while it is an excellent raw material for bio-fuel. Since 2010, MVO has been working with fat recycling companies on the 'Recycle Frying Fat' campaign. The objective of the campaign is to inform and encourage consumers to separately collect the spent frying fat or baking oil so it can be recycled as a bio-fuel.

There now are more than 3,000 collection points at different locations throughout the Netherlands. They are located near supermarkets, sports clubs, children's farms or schools. This gives the collection of spent frying fat a social character as well. For this campaign, MVO works together with district water boards, municipalities, children's farms and other recycling sectors in order to increase the number of collection points.

During the period between the end of December to the beginning of January, the time when the Dutch fry 'oliebollen', a traditional doughnut-like delicacy, and a lot of frying fat is used, the campaign always actively seeks publicity in local and national media. Currently over 20% of household frying fat is being collected.

For additional information visit www.frituurvetrecyclehet.nl 


Voor meer informatie zie www.frituurvetrecyclehet.nl

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