MVO and the Industry

MVO promotes the interests of the oils and fats industry and trade in the Netherlands. We dedicate ourselves to supporting a sustainable and internationally competitive supply and distribution chain.

 We focus on four themes in this respect:

The Supply and Distribution Chain

At a production value of €6.1 billion per annum (2013), the oils and fats industry is one of the largest agricultural sectors in the Netherlands. After Germany and Spain, the Netherlands is the largest processor of oilseeds in Europe and is among the leading European producers of refined and enhanced vegetable oils and fats.

The companies that are associated with this chain include merchants in oilseeds, oils and fats; oilseed processors; producers of melted animal fat; companies involved in refining and enhancing oils and fats; fat compounders; warehousing companies and specialised carriers; and the companies that use oils and fats to produce foods, animal feed, oleochemicals, biofuels or other bio-based products.

The chain also includes companies that provide services, such as laboratories, surveyors, knowledge institutes and consulting firms, i.e. the MVO partners.

MVO represents 95% of all trade in and production of oils and fats in the Netherlands.


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